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Realistic Simulation


3D Analysis Software

SIMULIA is a solution that can correspond to complex physical phenomena arising from the product, enabling linear and nonlinear structural analysis.As an integrated solution, it can be applied to various analysis and problem solving such as thermal, fluid, electromagnetic field, life prediction due to vibration breakage and fatigue accumulation, design/nonparameter automation, and optimization analysis.
SIMULIA applications accelerate the process of evaluating the performance, reliability and safety of materials and products before committing to physical prototypes.


  • Analytical solutions applicable in the design phase
  • Reduce test costs and time
  • Implement design process with automation / integration
  • Product quality pre-validation
  • User-friendly interface

The main function

Correlation analysis between product real-world testing and analysis


Integrated analytical solution for realistic simulation

Modeling and finite element analysis software to simulate the actual behavior of various products such as automobiles, defense, and home appliances. It can be modeled within ABAQUS itself or linked to externally generated CAD. It also performs linear/nonlinear analyses and complex multiple physical analyses.

Predict product fatigue and durability life


Fatigue Durability Analysis Software

FE-SAFE can be used in conjunction with ABAQUS or in conjunction with TOSCA and other commercial FEA to predict where and when fatigue cracks occur, the safety factor for use stress, and the spread of cracks. Extend product fatigue life and reduce product recall and warranty costs.

Topology Optimization

Shape Optimization


Optimize product structure and flow

TOSCA Structure and TOSCA Fluid products provide efficient optimization techniques based on industry-standard FEA software (ABAQUS, Ansys, Nasran) and CFD software (Star-CCM+, Ansys, and Fluent).Perform topology, dimensioning, shape, bead, and flow (CFD) optimal designs based on finite element analysis as key features. Achieve the highest performance and quality in a short development period of the product.


Process Automation and Optimization

When parameters and results from one software package require a continuous simulation process with inputs from another package, ISIGHT is used to combine models and applications from different disciplines, explore design space, and find optimal design parameters under given constraints. Effectively eliminate uncertainty to increase product maturity and reduce design cycles in automated environments.